A Strict Principal

Every school principal has a different way that they choose to run their school.  Some principals decide to be dictator-like, while others are fairly liberal.  Then, you have all those in between those two groups.  This article will discuss what to do when a school principal is too strict.

1.  Is the principal being strict over something that is not in the school handbook?  The problem with many principals is that they are getting strict over preferences and not convictions.  For example, if a principal is a vegetarian and he tries to make all meals in the cafeteria vegetarian meals, that is the wrong kind of strict and the student should report this to their parents and let them take it from there.  If there is no dress code in the school and the principal doesn’t particularly like pants with a lot of pockets, but yet chews out the student wearing them, the principal has done wrong and it may not be appropriate for the student to respond back, but they can eventually say something to somebody like their parents or another teacher if the principal does this continuously.  The last step is to report this to a higher authority, but it may only be appropriate if the principal is abusing their power constantly.  Obviously, not one or two minor incidences would merit the principal being reported, but abuse of power is not called for either.  It would not be appropriate to constantly be looking for mistakes, but if many mistakes are made, it will come out.

2.  If the principal is strict according to the rule book, then obey the rules.  A principal that is a stickler to the rules should not be complained about because they enforces the rules.  Rules are not meant to be broken, but are made to be enforced and if the principal is tough on the rules listed in the book, then they are doing nothing wrong.  Principals have a tough job and many times are considered to be too strict because they keep the rules and if that is the case, the best thing you can do is keep the rules.

Principals play an important role in society and the students need to stop running home to mommy and daddy complaining because they broke the rules.  There are lines drawn and if the principal crosses those lines, then it will eventually come out.