Activities for Elephants Child by Rudyard Kipling

The book is about how elephants got their long noses. Elephants had bulgy noses instead of a trunk. A baby elephant wandered around because he was curious. He began asking different animals questions, but each animal didn’t like the way he was so nosy. They asked him to leave. Later on, the elephant got his long nose.

After you read the book, The Elephant’s Child by Rudyard Kipling, you can do various activities with the children in order to help them better understand the book.

Reading Comprehension:

What did the elephants look like in the beginning? They didn’t have a long nose.

What could an elephant do with his bulgy nose? His nose was use for sniffing and wriggling.

What couldn’t an elephant do with his bulgy nose? He couldn’t pick up things.

What did the baby elephant do throughout the book? He wandered around asking different animals questions.

How did the animals react? They didn’t want to answer the elephant’s questions. They thought he was too nosy, so they asked him to leave.

What was the conflict in the story? The elephant met a crocodile. The crocodile grabbed the elephant’s nose and the elephant attempted to escape. As a result, the elephant’s nose grew into a trunk.

What did the elephant discover he could do when he had his long nose? He could swat flies, pick fruit, pluck grass and play in the mud.

What happened in the end? The other animals asked the elephant what happened and how he got his nose. He laughed at them because they asked him so many questions. He sprayed water everywhere, and then he told them what happened.

Art Project:

You can pass out papers to the class and have them draw how an elephant looked like in the beginning and how he looked like at the end of the book.

You can also have the children draw other animals in the story.

Dramatic Play:

Before you start their dramatic play, you can ask the children what animals were in the story besides the elephant. You can provide toy animals that are revealed in the book. Then, you can have the children select an animal they want to use in their dramatic play. You can have the children play with the elephant and act out the story.

There are various activities that you can develop to represent the story that you read to them. These activities help the children understand the story.