Activities that Enhance Dr Seuss Books Scrambled Eggs Super

Dr Seuss excels himself in presenting an imaginative collection of names for egg layers gathered from far and wide by the lead character in the book: Scrambled Eggs Super! Activities to enhance this story are written for children who have been reading themselves for a few years.

Alphabetical order: Ask children to place the names of Dr. Seuss’s imaginative birds in alphabetical order. This process is achievable in a number of ways:

By presenting the words to children separately written and cut out for them to sort manually, individually or as part of a group exercise.

Asking children to write the words out themselves – this may be a time-consuming process, depending on each child’s language development; the third option is to have them printed in a list format on the left side of a computer page for ease of printing multiple copies. Children can then prioritise and sort the names into alphabetical order by writing them on the right side of the page.

Design and colour an egg to match each bird: Children can use their imaginations just as Dr. Zeuss has done with his rhyming words.  The challenge is to make all the eggs unique in design.

Practical survey: Within the class group, create a brief survey about scrambled eggs as eaten and experienced by the children. E.g., have they eaten scrambled eggs in the last week? Who made them? What did they think was in the ingredients? Did they eat them with or without toast? Have they helped to cook scrambled eggs at home or with friends? What is their favourite way of having eggs cooked? Do they know anyone who is allergic to eggs?

Discussion: Talk with the children about bird’s different habitats and why they need to have their nests in very high or sheltered positions and made from different materials found in the local area  Do they know the names of the birds where they live or can they describe them and the sounds they make.

Dr Seuss has placed a lot of emphasis into his use of words in a more serious framework than many of his other books. Children of all ages love Dr. Seuss books and this particular book is simply more serious in its style but capturing the author’s expansive imagination when rhyming.