Activities that Enhance Dr Seuss Books Scrambled Eggs Super

Dr. Seuss books are some of the most fun, family reading to be found.  Green Eggs and Ham is widely known, and easily recognized, by young and old, alike.  Children of all ages recognize the line, “I do not like green eggs, and ham; I do not like them, Sam I Am”.  What better way, though, to reinforce the elements of rhyme, and the idea of trying new things, than to actually prepare a green eggs and ham dinner, starring scrambled eggs!

Create a learning experience for your child, or a family unity activity for the whole gang.  Make it more than just a matter of scrambling eggs, and serving them.  While this can be fun, you can take it so much farther.  Just think of the things you can do!

Include children, who can write, in creating place cards.  Each card will include the individual’s name, followed by the words, “I Am”.  Jimmy I Am, Catie I Am, Mommy I Am, Daddy I Am, and so on.  If your children are artistic, they can illustrate, or you can just allow them to color.  Index cards are a great size for this.

You, and the children, can also create a menu, restaurant style.  Include green scrambled eggs, and ham, on the list of selections.  Include some additional items, relevant to the meal:  toast, juice, rolls.  If you really want to make it creative, offer some add-ins, including cheese, bell pepper, onion, olives.  Offer some toppings:  cheese sauce, salsa, ketchup.  For a really luxurious menu, give your diners the option of having their eggs as omelets!

Make it a dress up meal, with everybody picking out their favorite hat to wear, in honor of the Cat in the Hat, who appears in a logo on the Dr. Seuss “I Can Read” books.  Plan some mealtime interaction, with each person thinking up places where they would like to eat green eggs and ham.  Go around the table, taking turns.  Mom and Dad can model the activity, asking such questions as, “Dad, will you eat them in the park?”  Dad can have the choice of responding with a yes, or a creative no.  “Yes, I will eat them in the park,” or, “No, I will not eat them in the park; I will not eat them in the dark.”  Dad can continue with more lines, or ask the next diner a question.  “Jason, will you eat them in Hawaii?” 

Preparation of the meal is simple.  An easy approach to making fluffy, scrambled eggs, is to spray the cooking pan with cooking spray, and preheat on medium-high.  Whisk together as many eggs as you expect to use, adding one tablespoon of water per egg.  Add a few drops of green food coloring, in order to achieve your desired hue.  Dice a ham steak, or dice some cold cut ham, according to preferences and supply.  Fry the ham until lightly browned, then add the egg mixture, and turn the heat to medium.  Every 30 seconds, stir the eggs with a spatula, and continue until the eggs are thoroughly cooked.  If you are doing add-ins, scoot the eggs to one side of the pan, and lightly heat the add-in vegetables, then stir everything together.  Keep the heat on medium, to avoid burning the eggs.

The meal will be memorable because of the family fun you have in planning, and putting together the activities.  Include older children in the food preparation, and you will accomplish even more educational value, in terms of home economics and cooking skills.  When your children are reading Green Eggs and Ham to their own youngsters, one day, they will fondly recall the time you spent together, not just reading, but experiencing the fun of Dr. Seuss!