Advantages of Packing a School Lunch for your Child

Many parents pack a school lunch for their children.  They do so for various reasons, and those listed below are some most commonly cited. 

They save money

It is often cheaper to buy food yourself than to purchase it at school.  You may make large dishes and just give your child a portion of that.  You can save by buying in bulk or in discount stores.  Even if the daily rate to buy lunches is relatively low, it can add up. 

You may be able to provide healthier food

Unfortunately, a lot of schools do not offer healthy food.  Much of the food is high in calories, fat and sodium.  A lot of it is very processed and contains chemicals.  You may want your child to have a lot of the healthier food instead.  For instance, instead of just one fruit or vegetable you may want his or her lunch to consist of four.  You may want to purchase organic or natural foods.  You may want foods with less added sugar or lower in sodium. You can purchase foods from healthier stores such as Whole Foods Market.  You can also control how much food your child gets.

You can accommodate your child’s tastes

A lot of kids are very picky about what they eat.  They may not like all of the food that the school serves.  If you buy the lunch, then they have to eat what is served or be hungry.  When you make your child’s school lunches, then you can get the foods that you know that they like.  You can make sure that you put in food that they will eat and not just trade off with their friends. 

You can accommodate allergies or special diets

A lot of children suffer from allergies or have special dietary needs.  Some schools can accommodate some things, but you will probably be able to do so better.  This will be useful if your child is a vegetarian, diabetic, etc. 

You may feel more comfortable with your food handling practices

Some parents are uncomfortable about buying food from a school cafeteria.  You may just be happier knowing that it was you who made the food.

Packing a school lunch can have many advantages.  It can even be quick if you adopt some habits such as separating bags of dry foods all at once and making your own pre-made meals.  The above advantages are some others that you will see by making your children their school lunches.