Advice for Parents Sending their Children to Middle School for the first Time

Middle School

As with each first day of school from preschool, kindergarten, elementary and now middle school, your student is preparing for a new adventure and experience. The difference with middle school, is your child is changing, physically as well as new academic challenges. The hormones are beginning to awake, and now we as parents must prepare our children to become teenagers. Boys and girls have experimented with dating by now with last years school dances, hanging out at the pool and going to the movies the time for phone call and text messaging will blossom as they begin middle school.

It is now more important than ever to have a healthy relationship with our children, anything less will build a barrier that will be harder to break down later in life. Our children have to understand that as they begin the sixth grade more and more of their time will be dedicated to school work and anything less will create a situation where grades will suffer. Our son is an average student that is better in reading and social studies than in math and science, my wife and I had decided to have a tutor twice a week to work with him on those subjects, hoping that he will catch on without much burden. I feel that an outsider may have a better chance of working with him than one of us, he needs to place an emphasis on his studies this year.

Fortunately we believe our child has molded the type of friends he prefers to be with, however there is no silver bullet that will keep him on a course free of drugs, tobacco and alcohol and now that he is entering the middle school there will be peer pressure for them to experiment with these vises. Each year you read more about these city gangs coming to the suburbs and influencing the young to push drugs. Being aware is much better than burying your head in the sand. It is so easy to say “not my child”, but believe me it is easy for them to have access to the drugs, stay in touch with your children and encourage them to be honest with you about everything.

It is never to late to fill in any gaps that your relationship may have suffered due to working, a divorce, or any other distractions that you may have endured and if you have a healthy relationship be assure to continue. As a child becomes a teenager, they become aware of life’s freedoms, there is two roads into a future, the path begins at middle school. Do your job as a parent to guide them onto the right path. Being a good parent is as easy as we make it, a child that trusts and respects their parents are the ones that makes our job pleasant. Good luck and be grateful of the many blessings we have that our children are healthy and well adjusted, we came this far and now as we enter a new chapter in their life’s be there for them each step of the way, high school and soon enough college begins today, with middle school.