Advice for Parents Sending their Children to Middle School for the first Time

I remember clearly my first day of middle school! Walking in the halls wondering what to expect from each of my classes, would I fit in, does everybody wear this type of outfit in middle school now!? First of all you need to sign your kids up for the top classes, it will really help them in college for their resumes, if it doesn’t work out the first two weeks of school just switch them over to the regular classes quick you don’t need a very bad grade switching over with them.

After you sign up for their classes, you will receive class items needed for each class they have. Walmart has very cute fashion school supplies but they can become slightly expensive at times. I would recommend Office Max for notebooks and pencils they have a sale at the beginning of school and sale notebooks and pencils for like 1 cent. Middle school is a time in life when everyone looks at you and judges you about your outfit , they look too see if it’s stylish. They don’t look at labels they look at designs.

What really helped me with middle school was not wearing the top leading brands actually. I wore pants from like Academy, Walmart, and Old Navy, and shirts from random stores with clearance racks, everybody looked at me and said where did you get those pants, and that shirt its cute! Make sure you get your kids mentally ready for school, like grade wise.

Going into middle school my parents gave me the boyfriend and girlfriend talk, although I have never had a boyfriend, that was great advice, so I then knew what to stay away from, and to never let boys get the main priority over school. Something my mom did everyday from the time I were in pre-k was to go through our backpacks when we came home from school. It really wasn’t an invasion of privacy because you get to see the kinds of grades your kids are making and you might need to email a teacher about a subject that you have questions about.

Some other advice for parents helping their children in making the transition to Middle School, is to create friendly and encouraging incentives. I made all A’s going through middle school because my parents had goals for me like I could get the perfume I wanted if I got straight A’s or they would give me $100.That gave me something to look forward too, and made my transition just a little easier. Sending your child to Middle School for the first time can be a scary experience for parents and students alike, but if you work together with your child, the transition to the big Middle School will happen alot smoother.