Ancient Greeks Classroom Activities for Primary Children

Ancient Greece believed in the rights of the individual within the laws of the country. This country was a great contributor to ideas and knowledge enjoyed in modern-day civilization. They gave us democracy, mathematics, biology, theater and the Olympic games. The citizens had ideas that were ahead of their time. There are many fun activities to help primary children understand some of the history as well as principles and ideas that were adopted from the early Greek history.


Teach students about the history of the Greek flag. Their light blue and white flag also has a cross; each had a meaning in ancient Greece. Students will make a flag, either individually, in groups or as a class. Hang your flag or flags around the classroom.


Read Greek mythology to the kids. Place the kids in groups so they can write a skit or play based on the myths. Show them how to make easy masks and let them act out one of the stories for the rest of the class. The plays can also be used to teach the children about Greece’s role in developing theater. 


Give your children a copy of the Greek alphabet. Have them write and decode messages to one another. They can also practice their own spelling words, writing them in Greek. It may give them an idea of what “it’s all Greek to me” means.


Collect white sheets or white fabric to make togas for your students. Bring cardboard and heavy string or light, smooth rope. Use the materials to create a pair of Greek sandals.  


Hold your own class Olympics. During recess, hold short races, ball throws, three-legged races, basketball hoop shoot and other games your kids will enjoy. Give point for each contest and award the winners with a cardboard Olympic medal of the appropriate color: gold for first, silver for second and bronze for third. Hold a ceremony to award the winners.

You can also hold a mental Olympics. Provide your students with ability-appropriate work, giving points for each sheet. You can increase the number of winners by giving awards for every subject. 

On-line games

Kids love interactive games and there are on-line games that can be used to teach about Ancient Greece. Wartgames has a variety of games that will help your children enjoy themselves while they learn even more.


Buy medium-sized terracotta pots. Have students carve ‘ancient’ designs on a piece of foam. Paint the foam black and place them around the pot. Gently rub the foam until the paint has been spread around on the pot and slowly lift it off. Repaint it and put the foam on the other side of the pot and repeat the steps. Spray the dry pots with a glaze.

What you tell them, they will forget. Get your students involved in activities that will help them remember everything they learned about ancient Greek history.