Back to School Craft Ideas for Elementary Students

The first day of school is just around the corner, some students are ready while most would wish for at least one more month of summer vacation. Elementary aged students are usually eager to get back to school and be with their friends they haven’t seen since June. It is a good idea to get them acclimated with the class studies and the subjects at hand by easing them in with some craft ideas.

One of the projects that we did when my son was in the fourth grade was a summer vacation scrap book, we compiled as many pictures of things we did during the school break and if there were not any pictures available, have them make a scrap book from “Google Images” or just make a poster with drawings. Than have each student’s make a show and tell presentation with their project explaining what they did during the summer break.

The three R’s, reading riting and rythmatic, have each student read a book of their choice from the library and than write a short book report that can be made on a poster to display in the classroom. For a math assignment, have your students make a multiplication table of their own that can be attached to the inside of a notebook or class folder. Flash cards are not only an easy way to learn math they can also be fun to work with, have your students make up math problems and place them on index cards with the problem on one side and the answer on the other.

Book covers are fun to make and there are plenty creative ways to make them, using brown paper bags, construction paper, the Sunday comics from newspaper, aluminum foil and many other easy to find materials. Have the students work together as a class project and help each other with measuring, folding and attaching. Give out awards for the most creative, best style and different categories.

One of my favorite art craft that we would do when I was a child, working with pipe cleaners, these twist-able felt sticks are available in multiple colors and can be shaped into people or animal figures, cars, buildings, boats, planes and well just about anything the imagination can create. Place the children in groups of four and five and have them make a theme such as a baseball game, wind mills, town center, an airport or the beach.

Getting the students involved with craft projects is an easy way to prepare them for the school work assignments that are needed to develop academically, a little fun and levity can go a long way with gaining their enthusiasm. I hope you have a pleasant experience in the classroom and each of everyone of your students are your favorite, have a blessed year.