Back to School Preparing your Child for first Grade

It is the first day of school for your child. The child has all mixed emotions of being scared, excited, anxious and eager to start this new journey of his/ her life.

The parent on the other hand is probably a little scared and overwhelmed as well. All parents think that their kids are little angels. They want the best for them and want to give them the best start in life. Many parents want to put their kids in the best schools so that they can have the best available future. Parents sometimes though tend to push their kids too hard, and this can leave the child frustrated and overwhelmed. Parents who have first grade kids feel that their child needs to start performing here, and later they will still be good academic performers. They brainwash their kids into trying to be the cleverest and smartest kids in the class. Sometimes the parent may be a bit anxious and disappointed if the child is a bit of a slow learner. The child may be dyslexic or even have some other learning issue that needs to be tackled from the time it is found. This will secure the child a better future.

Parents of first grade children need to do what is right for the child, and put their ego aside. They should not force the child into too much too soon. This may be harmful, and may hamper the child’s progress. The child needs to develop at his/her own pace, and this added pressure of parents expectations could cause great pyscological harm for the child in his/her coming years. The child needs to adjust well, and also make friends in school. Parents of first graders need to make sure the child is getting on well socially, and is happy in the school environment. The parent also needs to make sure that the child is not getting bullied at school by other fellow class mates.

Parents need to build the child’s confidence level, and should not worry too much if the child does not seem too eager to go to school in the initial stages. Parents should try talking to the child and finding out what is wrong, instead of scolding the child. if the behaviour persists the parents should look for alternative schools, where the child will be happier. Parents should also keep in regular contact with the first graders teacher and monitor the child’s progress. The child needs encouragement and support in this early stage of his/her life. Parents should pay special attention to what the child is being taught in class. The child needs to learn to read and write properly as this later affects much of their academic performance. Basic counting also needs to be properly taught.

The first year of school can be quite stressful for the child. Some children are quite shy and do not fit in well at school. They also do not make friends easily. Parents need to encourage kids to socialize and relax. They should not only be studying.