Becoming an Active rather than a Passive Student

All students can’t be the same. So if some student is more active than other due to the natural abilities is quite obvious. But beside the nature, the environmental factors are playing a very important role as well. So we are here to see that how can we help a student becoming an active rather than a passive student.

Characteristics of an active student:
First of all we will see that who actually is an active student. He is the one who is willing to participate in all the classroom activities. He wants to seek attention from the teacher and the peers. He wants to perform to his best and be appreciated for that. HE participates in the competitions, discussions and other co-curricular activities. He is alert, quick, competitive, energetic, passionate, leader, creative and a performer.

Characteristics of a passive student:
A passive student is one who loves to be in his own world. He doesn’t want to talk much and participate in the day to day activities of the classroom. He is not very social and hesitates to express his point of view in front of everyone. He is an introvert and needs a channel to vent out his feelings and thought. He wants to take a backseat in any kind of discussion or activities. At times he can be spotted out in the crowd as a lonely and a conscious being. In extreme he can be very dull and unwilling to learn.

Steps to make a passive student active:
Our main area of concern is to make a passive student active and after that we will see to the steps taken for the betterment of the active students. The first important
Task is to understand the psychology of the passive learner. Generally he seems to be passive physically but his mind is very active. We need to know the thought process going on in his mind and then find out the reasons for the same. There can be many reasons for the passiveness which depend upon the age-group and the priorities of the students. Sometimes the family environment or some incident might have an impact upon the child’s mind and be proving a hindrance to his activeness. So the area of the problem be diagnosed first and then steps should be taken to help him fight with the situation.The following points should be considered while dealing with a passive student:
*He should be talked with
*Try to be very polite and generous to him
*Motivate him to perform
*Appreciate even the smallest effort coming from his side
*Try to be friendly and let him trust you
*Show that he is not alone and there are like-minded people
*Use a lot of teaching aids
*Try to find out his areas of interests and provide him with ample of opportunities
*Take help from active peers
*Make use of family support

Helping the active students:
Active students also need your help in polishing their talents. They should never be demotivated and suppressed with what they do. Their psychology also needs to be understood and worked upon accordingly.
*They need to be motivated from time to time.
*They should be given ample of opportunities to express themselves.
*They should be rewarded for their work
*They should be assigned project works
*They should be given platform to perform
*They should be given challenging work to keep them busy while attending to others

Thus it is seen that becoming an active student is more beneficial than a passive student. Especially the student life should be filled with a lot of enthusiasm and fun. There should be no worries at all and one should enjoy and be active in whatever they do.