Becoming an Active rather than a Passive Student

There are a few key steps that will serve you in good stead to becoming an active, rather than a passive, student, no matter your level of education.

1) Discover what your passion is. Whatever it is that you enjoy most, pinpoint it. More importantly, pinpoint why it is that you like that so much. Discovering your passion is key, so don’t take it lightly. Simply liking a subject a lot is not the same as having a passion for it. You passion, properly recognized, can be the key to enjoying all of life.

2) Once you know what subject you are passionate about (and remember, it doesn’t have to be a typical subject such as English or Math. It can be an aspect of one of those subjects, or something else entirely), find a way to include that into everything else that you do.

For example, if you want to be a musician as your career, apply aspects of band to all other areas. You can use gym class to strengthen your muscles so you can haave proper form when you play. You can use English and History to learn how best to go about the business of being a musician. Study how others made the music industry what it is today, and how to create a good advertisement for you and your band if you have one.

3) Remember why you are doing the things you are. You go to school to get an education so that you can be successful in the world. If you remember what it is that you want to do, and how everything you are studying will help you be good at what you want to do, suddenly everything has a purpose. Once what you do has a purpose, you will naturally become more involved and active in participating in it.

Following these three steps will certianly help you to become an active student rather than a passive one, but there is one more thing that is required: you have to want to become active rather than passive. If you try to force yourself to get involved in something you don’t really want to do, you will ruin that activity for yourself completely. So, be sure that you want to be active rather than passive, and know why you want to be. Make sure that this is your own decision, and nobody elses. This will put you in good stead.