Benefits Homework

Sometimes it may be hard to think of any benefits amid the grumbling and complaining that many parents have to listen to in regards to homework.  Few children, if any, will ever even admit that there are any possible benefits to having homework, yet there are several.  


One of the main benefits of homework is that it will reinforce the work that your child is doing in school.  The saying is that “practice makes perfect” and while that may not be completely true, the practice will go a long way towards helping your child fully understand the concepts being taught in class.

Parental Involvement

Homework is the easiest and most accurate way to find out what your child is working on in class.  This information is important for a parent to know and it can help in certain circumstances.  For instance,  if you find out that your child is learning about the civil war in school, you may be way more inclined to visit that civil war encampment that you heard about, but were probably not going to go to.  Involving what your child is working on in school with your everyday life will allow your child to learn more in a hands-on way in addition to allowing your child to show off the new things that he or she has learned.  This may also build your child’s enthusiasm for learning and school.


Some of the most amazing accomplishments that your child will produce are those projects that they worked on so diligently at home. Sometimes your child may procrastinate and then have a very long and difficult night the day before it is due, but it is usually worth it to see the end product.  There would never be enough time to fit these projects in to the typical school day.  


One of the most helpful homework assignments that your child will ever receive is a study guide.  These guides are the key to your child not only understanding the concepts being tested , but also doing well on the test.  This will improve your child’s grade and confidence in addition to lessening any anxiety due to feeling like they are not sure of what will be on the test.

One on One Help

One of the best benefits of homework is that your child will have the opportunity to receive one on one help with work that they may be struggling with.  A child may not come to their parent if they don’t understand their classwork, but he or she will always receive help when it is in their homework and a parent checks it.  That is why it is so important, as a parent, to check your child’s backpack for homework and make sure that help is given, if needed.  Sometimes, you may be stumped if the homework is in a subject that is not your forte.  Those are the times to apply to your spouse, parents, or other family members or friends for help.  Even that teaches your child a valuable lesson: it is OK not to know an answer and to look to another for guidance.  Your child may finally have that moment of understanding when their work is explained one on one compared to being taught as one member of a large classroom.

Time Management

Homework will give your child a valuable lesson in time management.  To succeed your child will need to learn to manage their time wisely and know that there should be a time for work and a time for play.  Having homework gives children the responsibility of deciding when they get their homework done and how that will affect when they are able to do other more enjoyable things. 


Homework will also teach your child independence.  While a parent may be around to help, if necessary, homework is mainly an independent activity.  There is no teacher hovering to make sure that he or she is on task and doing the work correctly.  This will encourage self discipline, which is very important.


Parents can help ease some of the stress of homework by being encouraging and providing assistance when requested.  It may be difficult for parents and children to fit this work into their busy school and work schedules, not to mention extracurricular activities, but your child will definitely benefit from it.