Best Books to Pass on to Children

Teaching children the love of books is an amazing way to teach them about life. Encouraging children to read not only produces children who are eager to learn, but books can also teach life lessons within the pages. Reading also provides us a way to escape, and children often need that down-time as well. 

The following is my recommendations of books to pass on to your girls. These books are timeless, and will remain so in the years to come. Eventually, these books can be passed on to their children as well.

1. Little House on the Prairie.  I still enjoy these to this day, as does my 10 year old daughter.

2. Nancy Drew. These books were passed on to my from my mother, and I have passed them on to my daughter, who loves them. The original ones.

3. Charlotte’s Web.  A classic tale spun of love, friendship and life lessons.

4. Anne of Green Gables. A great story for young girls of today, yesterday and tomorrow.

5. Judy Blume Books. Great coming-of-age books that have stood the test of time.

Although both boys and girls can enjoy the same books, sometimes the subject matter plays a role in their enjoyment of the book. Therefore, it is important to find books that kids will enjoy to facilitate their love of reading.

For boys, the best books to pass on would be:

1. Hatchet. A boy is stranded in the Canadian wilderness.

2. The Boxcar Children. A series of books following the trials and tribulations of a young group of siblings trying to stay together after their parents pass away.

3. The Hobbit. An everlasting science fiction classic.

4. The Adventurs of Huckleberry Finn. Who doesn’t love this story of a boy coming of age?

5. Swiss Family Robinson. A family is stranded on an island after a shipwreck.

Many of these books have been turned into movies throughout the years. It is important to encourage children to read the books as well. If the child hasn’t seen the movie yet, encourage them to read the book first.

These books are just ten great books to pass on. The list can go on and on.

Other greats for boys and girls can include:

The Black Stallion

James and the Giant Peach

Chronicles of Narnia

If you are a teacher, these are spectacular books to read aloud to the class. These are also wonderful books to have on hand for silent reading, or for the class to read as an assignment.

If you are a parent or caregiver, giving them gift of books is one of the best ways to encourage reading and imagination in children, especially in a day and age where electronics such as video games, computers, Ipods and cell phones have take over our children.

Show you care, and pass on a book!