Best Math Board Games for Children

Children can learn so much from board games. They can learn English, math, cognitive thinking, and creativity. Some board games are more apt to teach them math skills.  Monopoly, Life, Candyland, and Aggravation are some of the best math board games for children to help children develop good math skills.

Monopoly is probably the best math board game kids can play. They learn many different math skills while playing Monopoly. First of all this game teaches kids how to manage money because they have to manage their money while playing the game. Monopoly requires a lot of addition and subtraction as well. Not only does it provide addition, subtraction, and money management, kids learn multiplication. When a player lands on a utility, he or she has to multiply to figure out the amount owed. Monopoly is fun for kids and will teach them many different math skills. Of course, Monopoly also teaches counting but most kids who reach the age where they can play Monopoly are already counting at mature level

The Game of Life teaches kids real life math skills. They have to spin the spinner and then count spaces. The game also requires money management.   It is easier for younger children to play. Kids learn addition and subtraction in Life. Life requires players to add and subtract when counting their money. Occasionally players have to multiply in the Game of Life too.

Candyland does not require counting however it does help younger children with simple math skills if the adult playing points the skills out. In this game color coded cards are drawn. Sometimes a card will have one square of a certain color and another time it will have two squares. Children can learn simple numbers if the adult playing points out that there’s one square and when there are two. Just about any game can teach simple math skills if the adult will utilize what the game has to offer.

Aggravation is a game where players roll the dice and move marbles around the board. This game  requires adding the dice amounts together when they are rolled.  Aggravation requires some strategic thinking because players have to figure out how to make it around the board first. Strategic thinking is also very important in math. In this game players will learn counting, addition and sometimes at rare moments subtraction. It is a great game for kids of any age.

Most board games that kids play teach him or her math skills. Some games provide thinking that is more critical and some are simple and only require math skills. No matter what the game it is important to play board games with kids. Kids learn when they are doing hands on projects that are also fun. The more fun they have, the more they will learn. Board games provide hours of learning fun.