Best Websites for fifth Grade Spelling Words

Spelling and vocabulary skills are vital to the success of any student. Students in the 5th grade are in an important stage. They are no longer small elementary students and need to prepare for the more challenging academy journey ahead of them. This is why it is crucial to continue challenging the student to prepare them for what is to come.

There are many websites and textbooks available online. Many websites offer word lists, complete curriculum, activities, and more at no cost to you. Other websites help connect you with excellent resources to choose the perfect spelling textbook for your student. However, keep in mind that although you can buy directly from the publisher, there are used books websites that offer these spelling textbooks for a greatly discounted rate.

Dolch Sight Words List

Although most spelling word lists are generally broken down into themes or phonics, Dolch sight words are important in developing a child’s reading skills. Therefore it is a good idea to use Dolch sight words to develop your own weekly spelling list or at least implement Dolch words into the regular spelling list. For a list of 258 Dolch sight words for 5th graders, visit this webpage which is a pdf file for easy printing.

K12 Reader

K12 Reader is a favorite website for teachers and homeschooling parents who are looking to build their child’s spelling and vocabulary skills. This site includes a 36-week curriculum plan designed with 5th grade students in mind. All of the materials are in PDF format, which makes it easy for printing. There is a PDF for a master list that lists every word organized into each week. In addition to the master list, there is a PDF file for each week that allows the student to practice writing each word. There is also available a PDF file for dictation sentences to help the student understand using the words in context.  Each of the words found in the K12 Reader curriculum coincides with their 5th grade reading comprehension series.

Home Spelling Words

The website, Home Spelling Words, has spelling words for 5th graders. Regardless of the level your 5th grader is at, these spelling words are simple enough to understand and help build their vocabulary skills. There are thirty lists at this website. Each list has fourteen basic words and four challenge words. Aside from listing the spelling word, each list also gives the word in an example sentence.

Spelling Words Well

At Spelling Words Well, they have several resources to use for 5th grade spelling words. The first link includes a large list of 300 spelling words. This makes it easy to personalize your own spelling lists. The next link is of 100 words that would make for good classroom spelling bee words. To enrich vocabulary skills, this website includes activity and homework ideas. Spelling worksheets can also be found here. Still not enough, consider one of the brain teasers listed at Spelling Words Well. There are two levels available: level 1 and level 2.

McGraw Hill Spelling Practice Book, Grade 5

This spelling workbook coincides with McGraw Hill’s Treasures reading series. It is 200 pages and is available on PDF, which makes for easy printing. Each unit goes with particular stories in the Treasures series and has six pages to build the students vocabulary skills, including pretest and post test practice.

Zaner-Bloser Spelling Connections, Grade 5

Zaner-Bloser has been educating children for years. This company is a favorite spelling resource for many school systems and homeschoolers across the nation. In their Spelling Connections series, they have a variety of formats to utilize to build the spelling skills of 5th graders. Aside from the student book and teacher’s edition, they also have a variety of workbooks available. In addition to that, the textbook and teacher’s edition can also come as an ebook. There are also CDs and CD-ROMs available with a variety of learning activities.

ACSI Spelling Textbook, Grade 5

This textbook is designed with Christian homeschoolers and private schools in mind. There are 36 lessons with 25 words each. Each lesson focuses on building vocabulary, word study strategies, writing skills, and word analysis. This textbook can be purchased at for $20.29.

Scott Foresman Everyday Spelling, Grade 5

Scott Foresman is another leading name in textbooks that have been educating students for years. Although known more for Science, they have a spelling series as well. Although you could purchase the Everyday Spelling series directly from the publisher, you would save more money going through websites such as,, and

Most 5th grade students are seasoned to the concept of spelling words and tests. However, it is still important to continue to challenge their minds and build their spelling and vocabulary words as they prepare for the next level…middle school.