Book Projects Alternatives to Book Reports for Students

Just as no two teachers teach alike, not two students will want to submit a book report alike. There are many great alternatives to presenting book reports and students and teachers can have a great time choosing from these exciting alternatives.


Students can join together with other students and create a skit about a book they’ve all read. Each student can act out a part of the book in the skit. Keep skits short by just choosing a segment of a book to act out.

Rewrite the ending

It’s always fun and exciting to rewrite the ending of a book. Students can study the ending and then rewrite it as they would have ended it. Be creative and have some surprise endings.

Favorite Character

Students can share who their favorite character is in the book and why. Highlight some of the key personality traits of the character and tell why they like or dislike said characters.

Create a Poster

Just as movies have promotional posters, so do books. Have students create a promotional poster using information from the book. Drawings, photos and segments of the book should give students plenty of detail to incorporate into their posters.

Interview one of the characters

Write up a mock interview of one of the characters in the book. Students can work together or separately on this alternative to a book report idea.

Do a short Video

Students could embellish the interview by doing a short video of the mock interview of the book character. This is great practice for students who tend to do better with more hands on projects.

What would you do?

If the student was the character in the book, what would they have done differently? Would they have made the same decisions? Have the students answer this question in full detail.


A great alternative to creative students for book reports it to have them write a poem about an event that happened in the book. Students could choose from a wide variety of poetry styles for this choice.

Make a float

Another great alternative for creative students that prefer hands on class work would be to create a miniature float. Gather shoe boxes and craft supplies and have the students choose an event in the book to create their miniature float.

Create a diorama

Students could create a diorama of a favorite event in the story. This is another great hands on project that lends itself well to more than one student working on a project.

Make a blog

Create a blog about the book. Students could start a free blog online dedicated to the book they’ve read.

Character for a day

A fun alternative for book reports is to have students dress up and portray a favorite character for the entire day.

These ideas should fuel the idea that there are many great alternatives for book reports if students and teachers just seek them out.