Book Reviews a Story for Morrie by Sarah Quelland

Morrie was a great book, and primary school-aged children would enjoy reading it. They would learn about taking care of dragons like Morrie and about overcoming fears.

Morrie was a small dragon that had a glass cage in a third grade classroom. He enjoyed the children because they gave him attention even with their gooey hands that had jelly on them or crayons, glue, and other stains from their daily artwork. They also tapped on his glass cage. The teacher, Mr. Lagarto, gave him crickets, apple slices, and greens. Morrie was a happy dragon until one day when nobody came to visit him.

The children were on summer vacation, and their teacher went on a vacation.

One day, another teacher, Mrs. Aster, entered the room and prepared for her classes. However, she didn’t expect to take care of a bearded dragon, but Mr. Lagarto left instructions for her on how to take care of Morrie. She wasn’t sure she wanted to take care of Morrie, but one day she brought in a bouquet of Dahlias. As soon as Morrie saw the bouquet, he became excited. She put one in his cage, and he was satisfied. As the summer went on, Mrs. Aster became more comfortable with Morrie and wanted to continue to see him.

When the fall came, Mr. Lagarto returned with a new classroom full of third graders who gave Morrie lots of attention.

This was a very interesting book and one that third graders would enjoy reading. They would also learn about dragons and how to take care of the small ones like Morrie.

This book showed how one teacher liked Morrie and took care of him, and how another teacher was afraid of Morrie and didn’t want to take care of him, but she slowly became acquainted with him. She didn’t know they had anything in common until she gave him a Dahlia. He liked that, and she brought Morrie some every night. Mrs. Aster overcame her fear by starting out slowly with Morrie, and then she could finally pick him up.

This would be a great book to help children learn to overcome their fears like Mrs. Aster overcame her fears. It’s easier to deal with fears when you know you have something in common like Mrs. Aster and Morrie. They both liked Dahlias.

Sarah Quelland has written several short stories for children and wants to develop them as ebooks.