Book Reviews the Haunted House by Paul a Hilton

The book was told in first person point of view. The narrator, who was Steven, stayed at his uncle’s house part of the time, which he didn’t like, but something seemed different this time.

Strange things happened such as a light going on after he turned it off. Steven didn’t know why that happened, but he wanted to get some sleep, so he removed the light bulb. However, in the night, someone replaced the bulb into the socket and the light came on, which woke up Steven.

The next morning, he entered the dining room and spoke to his Uncle James, and then he noticed that the table was set for breakfast. Steven asked his uncle where his aunt was. His uncle told him to look in the kitchen. However, his uncle wanted him to sit at the table to get ready for breakfast. His aunt appeared with his breakfast, and then she walked back into the kitchen to get his uncle’s breakfast.

Steven started telling them what happened in his room last night, and that reminded his uncle what happened several years ago.

After breakfast, Steven’s uncle walked outside so he could work in the garden. When he saw his uncle, he thought he was digging up some graves, but his uncle told him he was planting potatoes. After that, he walked into the house and looked for his aunt.

When he couldn’t find her, he thought that she had been killed, so he walked outside and started digging in the garden because he wanted to locate her. After he dug a large hole, his aunt and uncle asked him what he was doing. He felt embarrassed when his uncle told his wife he was looking for her. After that, his uncle asked him to dig up the rest of the potatoes.

At the end of the book, Steven heard an evil voice. The voice wanted him to kill his uncle.

This book, which was a tale, was quite intriguing, and it didn’t take long to read it.

The characters were interesting, but since the tale was short, you didn’t have a lot of information about each one. You could tell that Steven jumped to conclusions before he had the facts. He was also tempted by the evil voice that spoke to him, but he didn’t follow through.

If you enjoy reading tales, you might like reading this one. You also might want to read this tale with older students when you discuss the different types of literature with them.