Building Study Habits for Children Child Study Habits

Study habits may differ from child to child, every child needs a special study habit. I’ve been tutoring my two cousins and have realized that each of them have different listening and studying skills. You have to consider how long they can study and actually listen to what you are saying. It would be useless for you to be lecturing if he/she is incapable of listening. it also applies to his/her studying skills, you can’t expect a child to study for 2 hours every night or even just for 1 hour in some cases, right? And it can get worse.

Knowing their listening and studying capabilities can really help them build their study habits. For some children a 30 minutes of studying may be better than an hour of studying. Stressing a child while they are young may lead to some laziness in their habits. Knowing their skills first then help them build their habits. Some children need much attention and some don’t need them at all, some children actually want to be left alone while studying. Some may need competition, but install to their minds that they don’t always win. This will prevent them from getting stressed from the competition.

Finding their motivation to study takes time and it takes knowing the child well. Bonding with them will give you more insights than actually asking them what they want to do. You are their to guide them in building a study habit, not to spoon feed them along the way. Leave them to do actually what they want to do, and when it gets out of control, that is the time you barge in, but in a nice way. Just show them what they are doing wrong in the simplest and kindest of way possible. You don’t want them to stop what they are doing, you just want to correct it.

Children are very prone to some influences from the outside environment that may change their mind in their study habit. Make sure you instill in their mind that what they are doing is good for them and is special only for them. Other children may be doing other stuff that they are not doing, and sometimes incapable of doing, that may attract them in changing their ways.

Discover those secrets as soon as possible and let your child grow into them, and they will carry that in their future studies and it will continue to be effective for him/her. And always remember that it is for them and they have to love what they are doing, so that they won’t get tired of doing it. Be supportive, but be corrective as well. They would appreciate you doing it with them and for them.