Bulletin Board Idea for Veterans Day

Once a year, veterans are honored for their sacrifice and service to our country. This bulletin board is a pictorial “salute” to those friends and family members who serve(d) in the armed forces. Seeing their photos helps inspire your students when they write essays and poems to go along with this theme.

Bulletin board title: “We Salute Our Veterans”

The word “veteran” means “experienced” (or) “a person who has served in the armed forces.” The purpose of this bulletin board is to highlight those dedicated people who serve to protect our homes, families and freedom. It is also a way of publicly showing gratitude for their years of service.

Send a note home with your students a week or two ahead of the date you want to assemble this bulletin board. In the note, explain to parents that your class is planning a “We Salute Our Veterans” bulletin board – – and you need their assistance. Ask if there is a photo of a family member they are willing to copy or share with the class. Assure them that all copies and photos will be returned after you disassemble the Veterans’ Day bulletin board.

On the same sheet, have a few blanks for them to fill in. How is this person related to your child? List the name and rank including the branch of service (example: Sgt. Jamie Smith, U.S. Marines). Please include the place(s) they serve(d).

Once this information is returned to you, place a world map on the bulletin board. Use flag pins or colorful-headed straight pins to show the various locations veterans have served. Around the map, display photos and names of veterans, along with any other pertinent information. Have your class write brief essays or poems about Veteran’s Day to post on or near the board.

Now it’s time to spread the word about the “We Salute Our Veterans” bulletin board. If possible, invite one or more veterans to stop by, checking first to see if any family members are willing to visit. You can also check with your local VFW and American Legion groups. Also, find out if there are on-site veterans in your school: principle, janitor, teachers, etc.

When veterans visit, have them point out their service location/s on the bulletin board. Honor them by having one or more students do a reading of their poetry. Take photos of your class with the veteran/s in front of the bulletin board. You might also prompt your students ahead of time about asking for the autographs of these brave men and women.