Bulletin Board Ideas Biomes

Biomes are climatic and geographic regions that make up the terrain of Earth. There are a number of different biomes, including deserts, forests, tundra, grasslants, and aquatic zones. Biomes are an interesting aspect of science that can be taught about effectively in a classroom, and lessons about biomes are a great way to get students interesting in science. There are a number of great bulletin board ideas that involve biomes.

Description of the Types of Biomes

One way to present a bulletin board on biomes is to include a definition of biomes, as well as descriptions of different types of biomes. Many students have never heard of biomes, so a bulletin board can be an effective teaching tool to introduce students to the topic generally. Students can then explain the different types of biomes out there, a great way to provide a more detailed explanation of biomes, and introduce students to the world’s different biomes.

What Biome Do You Live In?

Another effective teaching technique would be to link a complex concept such as biomes to students’ everyday lives. Students could figure out what biome they live in, to get a better understanding of their local geography. In this section of the bulletin board, students will have to explain how they know what type of biome they live in, and what makes their region the specific biome that it is. For example, if students live in the desert, they will have to explain characteristics of a desert biome in great detail.

Biomes Throughout The World

The bulletin board could also be a great way to introduce students to the world community. Students could be randomly assigned a specific country or region of the world, and then asked to explain what types of biomes are present in that area. This would be a great way to teach students about geography as they learn about different places in the world, and the ways they live. Students should also be required to provide some background information about the people that live in that area, as a means to combine geography and history together as part of this bulletin board project. 

A biome bulletin board is a great teaching tool to introduce students to a litany of different topics. Students will be exposed to world history, world geography, and a number of scientific topics, all through the use of a simple bulletin board. By asking these questions, students will be challenged to learn new information, and teach their classmates everything that they have uncovered from their research.