Bulletin Board Ideas Clocks

A timeline of clocks makes an interesting bulletin board. A teacher could show the earliest clock, the sun dial. Then show how clocks changed over the years. Big grandfather clocks to alarm clocks to digital clocks to watches are all historical points that have a specific time. Showing how people read clocks, not digital clocks but the clocks that have hands, set a different hours and times.

Depending on the age of the students, a historical timeline can show how to make a sun dial. Then, show how water clocks indicated time. Astronomical clocks also let people know the hour but not the minutes. People concerned themselves more with the astronomical movements than the hours and minutes. Walliford and Dondi built the first clocks.

Help students realize that people did not use clocks with dials until the 15th century. People in ancient days would not understand the clocks of today. Showing the parts and how they work goes to the discretion of the teacher and the age of the students. The earliest clocks used springs to keep them running, just like any windup toy that a child has. Many different inventors worked to make what clocks and watches are today.  

The bulletin board can include time zones and show how in different parts of the world, the hour is different. The clock set in one zone will not have the same time in another zone. Clocks tell the time of day the bulletin can show how to tell time everywhere.

Students can learn to tell time with bulletin board clocks. Pictures of the hour and what happens at each other is a fun project that children like to do. Drawings of the clocks that students have at home or have seen also makes a good bulletin board. Let the children do the work and reap the joy of posting the drawings on the board. The board could show the hour that tasks happen in the classroom. Each hour a child can change the activity and the time and post them correctly. The board needs to have a box of activities, a box of times and a place to post them under the clock also on the bulletin board.

With this topic, the inventors of the clocks make a fun project. China and Europe built many of the best clocks. Displaying the countries on the bulletin board also, makes a nice activity about clocks.