Bulletin Board Ideas England

A bulletin board about England will teach your students a lot more than they might need to know about this interesting and enchanting place. Many students will think that England is mostly about castles and kings. However, creating an England-themed bulletin board will help them learn about the different facets of that country. 

To create an England-themed bulletin board, or any country-themed bulletin board, your students will need to brainstorm about the type of information they want to put on the board. This is perhaps the most difficult part of the process, especially since students will want to determine how the design of the board works with the different forms of information (pictures versus paragraphs). It is much easier for your students to find pictures, and understanding a topic or a theme by using pictures is not that difficult, either.

An England-themed bulletin board can take many different “shapes” and “styles.” For instance, you can focus on England’s history, and in doing so the bulletin board might feature a large timeline in the middle, with descriptions and pictures of events and people. On the other hand, your bulletin board might focus on England’s role in world history. Featuring England’s most famously known people would be a great idea, too. Moreover, you can include a few of these narrow topics so that your bulletin board gives a much more comprehensive view of England, not just one topic about it.

Your students should be put into groups so that the project will be faster and easier to accomplish. Each group will accomplish more in a short amount of time because each group is going to be responsible for one part of the bulletin board. So, if your bulletin board is going to include several different “narrow topics,” each group is going to research one narrow topic. That way, your students can put all of the information together on the bulletin board in the middle of the week. Use the first day for brainstorming, and by Wednesday your groups should have all of their information. By Thursday, you will be able to start putting the information up on the board.

Once you finish your bulletin board, don’t forget to go over it with your students. Alternatively, each group can explain its topic to the rest of the class. They will hopefully be proud of their work, because they will be able to learn from it, too.