Bulletin Board Ideas five Senses

A bulletin board of the five senses can be very interesting, educational and attractive for a classroom.  There are different ways that you can craft such a board, including the following strategies.

Make it interactive

Many children learn best by doing rather than just seeing.  You can make your five senses bulletin board like this.  For instance, for the smell part, instead of just writing about it, you can put up some scratch and sniff stickers so that they can get a first-hand feel for the smell.  For the sense of sight, you can have up some bright pictures.  For the sense of touch, you can post up some objects with different textures such as sandpaper, plastic and all different surfaces.  For the sense of hearing you can put up something like a little voice recorder that they can press a button and then listen to a sound.  Taste may be the one you will have to put something alternative to. 

Bulletin board that showcases the different body parts used in the five senses

You can teach the students about what they use to sense and how they work.  How detailed you get into this is going to depend on the ages of the children.  You can have photographs and diagrams of the eyes, ears, tongue and so forth.  You can label them and show exactly how they work. 

Have pictures of favorite things to sense

You or the children can come up with things that people like to sense.  For instance, you can find out the favorite smells that people have such as coffee, vanilla, fresh cookies, roses, etc.  You can put up their favorite tastes (chocolate will probably be up there!)  The kids might love to feel something soft like a blanket.  They may love to see rainbows or flowers and hear the waves of the ocean.

Get the children involved

No matter what you choose to put on the five senses bulletin board, you may want to try to get the kids involved so that they have more interest in it.  For instance, if you want to post diagrams of the nose and other sensing tools as described above, then you could have the children do reports, which you then place up on your bulletin board.  You can also have them write reports. 

Make your bulletin board attractive with a brightly colored background and embellishments like stickers or ribbon.  The above ideas can bring your five senses bulletin board to life.