Bulletin Board Ideas Food Pyramid

An important lesson to teach to children is the food pyramid and its significance.  A bulletin board can be a nice way to teach this lesson to the children.  There are a variety of ways you can design such a board.  The following are some ways you might want to consider.

Draw in the food pyramid

Of course, one thing you will want to have on most bulletin boards highlighting the food pyramid is the actual pyramid itself.  You could get a poster that is already made of this and put it on.  Alternatively you could get the children involved and have them help to color or draw the food pyramid in.  You could also design it yourself.  You will want to make sure that it is big enough for the children to see it.  Cater it to the age of the children.  If they are young and cannot read, then you might want to have more pictures of the food.  If they are older and can read, then you can have more words describing the various parts of the food pyramid.

You can have the individual children draw, color or otherwise make the different food items, which you can then put into the bulletin board.  Another fun idea would be to take some light play food and attach that to the bulletin board to make a 3D bulletin board that stands out more.

Write about the food pyramid and its importance

You want the children to understand why it is important to eat balanced and healthy meals.  If they can read, then you can write in why it is important to eat as suggested.  You could put in some of the benefits such as growing up strong and healthy.

Let the children put in their own personal touch

If the children can write, then you can have them explain how they eat according to the food pyramid.  You can have them categorize their food into the different categories.  They can also write down what they can do to improve their eating. 

Make an interactive board

You can put up the food items with Velcro.  They you can take them down and have the kids practice putting them up into the correct categories to help them learn about this. 

A food pyramid bulletin board can be a great way for children to learn about this important lesson.  Consider the above ideas when putting together such a board.