Bulletin Board Ideas for Fall

The fall season is associated with the end of summer and the transition into winter.  There are many foods, items from nature, and activities related to this time of year.  Consider the following ideas for your fall themed bulletin board.

Real tree leaves, picked up when leaves are falling in beautiful colors and pressed with waxed paper, can become the most inexpensive way to decorate a bulletin board for the fall season.  On a solid colored background, display the leaves around the edge of the board for a decorative border.  You could also place the leaves as if they appear to fall from a paper tree.  If available on school grounds, have the class collect leaves together, or bring them from home.  Seek parent volunteers to press the leaves and return them to the classroom, or attach them as they are.  Ask parents and students to bring tree leaves from home.  Leaves can also be drawn and cut from construction paper, or traced with stencils and cut from paper. 

Another way to decorate your board for fall is to take pictures of trees that have leaves changing in beautiful colors of red, orange, yellow and brown.  Print the pictures onto printer paper, trim the edges with scalloped or other edging scissors, and attach them to your bulletin board.

Consider an interactive board for younger children.  Collect acorn shells that have fallen from an acorn tree.  Place them into a piece of sturdy paper with that has been stapled on three sides to hold them against the board.  Allow the students to take one acorn shell and teach them how to whistle with them.  Add this to any nature lessons regarding trees or animals.

Holidays associated with the fall season provide numerous ideas for decorating a bulletin board.  Consider pumpkins, squash, gourds, cranberries, cornucopias, pilgrims, Indians, corn on the cob, popcorn, corn stalks, and turkeys.  Any of these items can be cut from construction paper, purchased in cut out shapes from teacher supply stores, printed from the Internet, or made by classroom children.  You could also ask for parent volunteers to supply the items or craft the items you wish to have on your board.

Create a paper wagon filled with student’s pictures or other fall items such as paper pumpkins.  Before you attach the paper wagon to the board, glue real pieces of straw to the wagon bed, and allow it to dry.  Attach the paper wagon to the board.  Fall is frequently associated with wagon rides.

Apples, apple cider, and hot cider are associated with fall weather.  Cut apple shapes for board decorations or place construction paper apples onto a cut out, apple tree.  Ask for volunteers to provide apple cider and fresh apple slices for a fall classroom treat. 

Display a scarecrow on your fall season bulletin board.  Include real pieces of straw for the scarecrows body.   Use recycled fabric, or torn clothing, for the scarecrows clothing.  Create a 3-dimensional scarecrow by stuffing it with recycled paper or fabric, and then staple it to the bulletin board.   Bandanas are often used in decorating a scarecrow, by stuffing it halfway into a pocket.  Ask parents to donate red bandanas, teach students to make an easy bandana doll, and donate them to a charity for the fall holidays.

Any of the above items can be incorporated into a lesson plan you are using, or are about to start using.  Raffia can be substituted for real straw when decorating fall bulletin boards.

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