Bulletin Board Ideas Greece

One of the best ways to teach your students about a country without having to visit it is to use your classroom’s bulletin board. Some teachers may be a bit wary of using their bulletin boards for educational purposes, but it can be useful because your students will be able to see and read the information everyday. Here are some ideas for creating a Greece-themed bulletin board.

Here’s an exercise for your students to do when you begin your brainstorming process. Have them write down some of the things that they have heard or seen related to Greece. For example, what kind of environment or landscapes would they find there? What are some cultural objects that are famously representative of Greece? What are some events in history involving Greece? Your students can describe some of the answers to these questions or they can draw them. 

Once your students have some kind of picture of Greece, they can start researching to see if what they have heard about Greece is true. They can look for specific types of information, such as the history of Greece from the 1800s-2000s, or they can look for pictures of famous Greeks, or they can research about some traditional Greek foods. Give your students guidelines so that they know what kind of information they should be looking for. Sometimes these projects are much more difficult than they should be because the teachers do not give enough guidance. 

Placing your students into groups will also make the bulletin board-making faster. After all, each group can research a topic much faster, especially since the students will learn how to research together. Not only that, but each group can also be responsible for one section of the bulletin board. Set up some timelines and deadlines so that your students can finish the bulletin board in one week. 

Your students might want to think about the overall design of the bulletin board. How will it show off the information? Will the pictures be organized, or will they be all over the place? How will the title look and what will it say? These are things to consider when your Greece-themed bulletin board is near completion.

As you can see, your bulletin board will be chock-full of information about Greece, so much so that your students will quickly learn more facts about Greece than they might need to know at this stage in their educational career.