Bulletin Board Ideas how Play Dough is Made

Many kids of all ages love to play with play dough.  It is fun and can even be a great learning tool.  Children may be interested in finding out how it is made.  One way to teach them is through the use of a bulletin board.  Try the following methods when creating your board.

Give a written description of how play dough is made

An explanation of how to make play dough is important to any such bulletin board.  You can make this very simple, with sentences describing the basic steps, which would probably be best if the children are very young.  Alternatively, you can give a much more complex description, which might be best if the children are a little older.  You can have the children help research the different steps.

Place in pictures or diagrams about how it is made

A lot of children might have an easier time understanding how play dough is made if they actually see it in visual images.  You could try to find pictures or diagrams depicting this.  One fun idea is to make a play dough like material as a classroom assignment.  You can then take pictures of this activity and place this with step by step directions.  It can be a fun way to document a class activity and remind everyone of what they did.

Add in other facts about play dough

To add to the description or pictures about the making of play dough, you can also put in different facts about play dough.  You can write down the history of it, for instance, and talk about the people who first came up with the idea.  You could talk about how much of it is made and used and the places in which it is made.  You can also talk about the different sets and tools that are offered with it.

Embellish your board with play dough

You can use play dough to decorate your board.  You can do it yourself or have the children make different play dough designs to mount on the board.  You can have them glue them on paper and then hang the paper up.  They can make little play dough people or you can make a big play dough rainbow going across the top of the bulletin board.  You can also use the play dough containers to decorate as well.

A bulletin board focused on making play dough can be a lot of fun for the kids.  Try the above techniques when making such a board.