Bulletin Board Ideas how Shoes are Made

Almost everyone wears them.  Many children might wonder how shoes are made, and a bulletin board exploring this subject can be a great way to teach the children.  The following are some design ideas to consider.

Take a shoe apart and mount the pieces on the board

One idea to make the board really stand out is to take an actual shoe apart.  You can then mount the different parts on the board.  By these parts you can put a description about how each is made.  It might be easier for children to actually see the shoes than to see pictures.  You can even do it as a project where you take a shoe apart in class.

Place pictures from a shoe factory

Another great idea for visually exploring how a shoe is made is to put actual photographs from a factory.  You can show step by step how the shoe is made in pictures.  This might be great for children who do not read very well yet.  You could also talk about the factory as a whole and give pictures of the outside of it as well as who works there.

Have diagrams written out that show how the shoe is put together

You can put out diagrams that show step by step how the shoe is put together.  You could write it out like they are instructions.  This can be very simple or very complex depending on the age of the children, their skill level and the particular class it is.  Obviously you will have a far different board for a kindergarten class versus a fifth grade class.

Write out explanations of the way shoes are put together

Another item to place on these bulletin boards would be to write out the description of how the shoes are put together. 

Get the children involved

A lot of children learn better when they are actively involved.  You could have them help you put together the bulletin board.  For instance, if it is an art class then they can help draw the process.  If it is an English class, you could have them describe it in a report.  They can each do individual or group projects and mount those as your bulletin board.

A bulletin board exploring the making of shoes can be very educational for children.  You can also combine the above ideas such as placing pictures of the shoe making process along with an explanation of how it is done.  Consider all the above points when designing such a board.