Bulletin Board Ideas June

June is a borderline month. Although it signifies the end of spring, it also symbolizes the coming of summer. June is also a student’s favorite month, since the coming of this month means that school will soon end. For teachers, however, June can be a time for reflections and remembrances about the year past.

To celebrate the month of June, you can create a bulletin board that showcases your school year’s memorable moments and the people who shared them. To create this bulletin board, you will need to pick a theme for the board. For this particular project, you will make a board themed with “summer beach fun.” Using large sheets of colored paper, you will create a sandy beach and water, as well as a large Sun and a beach umbrella. Then, visit this website and cut out paper people. Let your students make paper versions of themselves and have them put their paper people onto the bulletin board.


This project is necessarily called Transitions because it involves teaching the transition from spring to summer. Using the bulletin board, you will teach your students how the world changes when the season changes. Before you begin, start brainstorming with your students. Ask: “What events signal the change from spring to summer?” and “How do we know when it’s spring and when it’s summer?”

Write down the answers (and no doubt, you will find many of them). Next, draw two trees onto a large sheet of brown paper. Cut the trees and use thumbtacks to attach them to the bulletin board. The tree on your left will be the “spring tree,” while the tree on your right will be the “summer tree.” Then, draw an arrow on another sheet of paper and cut it out. Then, attach it between the two trees using thumbtacks. The arrow should point to the summer tree. You will use each answer that you received on the bulletin board. For example, if a student answers, “The days become longer,” you will write this answer on a leaf and attach that leaf to the summer tree. If you get the answer, “Spring is about rebirth,” this will be attached to the spring tree. When you’re done, your trees will be full of life.

As you can see, June is a wonderful month that allows you to celebrate the “magic of the season.” Although June may end the school year, it necessarily ushers forward the outlook of a fun and seemingly endless summer.