Bulletin Board Ideas Manatees

Manatees are unique creatures that live underwater in different parts of the world. Teaching about manatees is important because it will help to expand the student’s mind by allowing them to think of animals mentioned less often. Unlike the domesticated animals, mammals like the manatee are a mystery. Creating a bulletin board to promote knowledge of the manatee will be creative and interesting. The students will be captivated in learning about this interesting creature since it’s not played up for its intelligence like the monkey or thought of as beautiful like the peacock. A bulletin board is the best way to teach about the manatee. A bulletin board is good because it allows the students to participate with their questions. It also succeeds in influencing students to want to learn about more ocean creatures.

It’s important that the bulletin board to promote manatees be creative and attractive. It should display many different pictures of manatee species and their natural habitats. The students can participate in the creation of the bulletin board by presenting a fact about manatees. There are many facts, so the students will not have a difficult experience with finding facts. The bulletin board should be decorated with facts about the climate of the manatee’s habitat; different names the manatee is known by, such as “sea cow”; and a short summary for why the manatee is called the sea cow. Any myths or legends should be written on the bulletin board. List the diet, lifespan and predation of the manatee.  

A helpful and influential way for students to gain knowledge about the manatee is by introducing them to books about manatees. Many students love to read, so it will be good to list titles of books in the school’s library that feature information about manatees. Listing video titles will also help the bulletin board, because documentaries are a great learning tool and exciting to watch.

Since manatees are not commonly promoted through media, it will be helpful to provide the students with knowledge of aquariums of where they can see manatees. Provide clipped articles from newspapers or magazines featuring manatees. Manatees are interesting creatures of the sea, so once the bulletin board is complete, give the students time to reflect and understand the information on the board. Don’t expect every student to memorize all the information, but be happy to know that they’ll absorb some knowledge from the manatee bulletin board.