Bulletin Board Ideas National Maritime Day

National Maritime Day is a celebration of the merchant mariners. So, displaying the different military corps is an option of a bulletin board. Another one could show the different ships like the Titanic that sunk. The Coast Guard helps to protect our waters from pirates. Displaying pirate ships or having the children make drawings about pirates or read books about pirate and then draw pictures of them is an idea.

Display posters of the men and women in the Navy and Coast Guard from those branches on bulletin boards. The government offers some that it can send to schools.

 You can display books or book covers that tell about the different branches of the military that protect the oceans and shipping lanes. Titanic is one idea.  

The Marine Environmental Protection Association offers drawing contests for all ages. You can post student drawings that the agency has from past years or have students add their own.

Another idea is copy some pictures of the different ships that helped to guard our waters during wartime from the Internet. Ask the children if they know why each ship is necessary?

Another idea is to make a lesson about the oceans. Show how the oceans make the whole water cycle possible. Show how animals in the oceans are protected by different agencies by naming them and telling their role in keeping the marine environment safe.

Teachers can use paintings, felt, colored paper and other medium to describe the oceans and waterways. Show the children just what the agencies protect with photos and maps. Show wetlands and beaches. Let children participate in a beach cleanup. Show what they found in photos or drawings.

Create timelines about when the different ships patrolled the oceans. Find names of the ships online. The Day started in 1933.

The oil spills could make a compelling bulletin board. The display can show how the spills affected the animals. It can incorporate some of the birds and mammals that have suffered from them like the sea otters and gulls. Incorporate how they also affect the native people that rely on the oceans for food and clothing.

You can create a bulletin board what shows the value of the oceans and maritime waters in terms of transportation. The board can include boats, canoes as well as ships. The display can include local waters and how people move from place to place.

    A bulletin board that depicts pirates can add interest to the Day. Combine this with the timeline and show how pirates still exist today.