Bulletin Board Ideas Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is one of the most common experiences in everyone’s life. It is a form of bullying and many experience peer pressure in the working environment as well as in educational institutions. Sometimes the words from peers are more important than the words from authorities. Peers have a greater impact on a student because his or her peers are in the same age group, have a friendship or have a majority following. Peer pressure is dangerous because it is the act of when a student is forced by another student or group into committing an action that he or she is uninterested in committing. The peers basically coerce the student through actions or words to inflict guilt and pressure as a way to persuade the student into following what they say.

Promoting how to battle against peer pressure is a good idea for a school bulletin board because not many students understand the importance of avoiding peer pressure and most are unaware of how to fight against peer pressure. During the creation of the bulletin board, allow the students to participate as much as they can. Their participation will make it easier to answer any questions or concerns they may have. On the front of the bulletin board should be the words “how to stop peer pressure” or anything similar that will convey the message that peer pressure is bad and how to fight against it. Try to keep the statement as simple as possible because the bulletin board will need a heading that is quick and easy to understand. The bulletin board is designed for students who don’t have the patience to decipher a vague message, so it’s important to keep the bulletin board organized and understandable.

For the bulletin board you can use thumbtacks to stick on pamphlets about peer pressure and faculty information such as the school counselor’s name and office information and the principal’s contact information. The message that the teachers are not only there to teach but also to help students remain in a peaceful environment should be mentioned on the bulletin board. The bulletin board should define peer pressure so student can identify when they’re undergoing peer pressure. An easy to understand definition will work best to gain an understanding. How to deal with peer pressure can be shown by explaining each step of dealing with it. The steps can be listed as step 1, step 2 and so on. Try to condense the amount of steps so you can avoid making the information appear overwhelming. 

A peer pressure based bulletin board should include all the information needed to prevent peer pressure and help students deal with peer pressure. Peer pressure has led to many complications involving students at schools such as teasing, bullying, fights, sexual harassment and discrimination. Peer pressure is a form of bullying and therefore it is very important to display a well done bulletin board about it.