Bulletin Board Ideas Peer Pressure

 Children are subjected to many different types of peer pressure. It is beneficial for them to know how to be strong and not give into peer pressure. A bulletin board is a great way for students to share their ideas about peer pressure and ways to stand strong and not give into it.

Dealing With peer pressure

The best bulletin boards are ones that the children participate in creating.  For this bulletin board cover the bulletin in blue background paper so that it is upbeat and cheerful. Place the title on the middle of the board stating, “Just Say No to Peer Pressure” The boarder can be ribbons or smiley faces. Be creative and make sure it is positive and upbeat.

Have the children each write a paper about peer pressure. The amount of words and difficulty of the story depend on the age of the students.   The younger students can have prompts such as: What do you do if a friend asks you to take drugs? Why would you say yes or no? What might happen if you give into peer pressure? The older children can write a paper about the damages of giving into negative peer pressure.

Once the students have written their papers, place them on some colorful construction paper for a back ground so that they will stand out on the bulletin board.  Then place the stories on the bulletin board. Pictures of children saying no to peer pressure can be placed randomly around the board.

Stand up against negative peer pressure

This board is simple. Put up the background paper, a bright and cheerful color is best.  Put up a border with the word that repeats the word “no”.

Have the students draw and color a picture of themselves standing up.  If the students do not want to draw, have them find a picture in a book or on the internet of a child standing and cut the picture out.

Center the title of the bulletin board, “Stand Up Against Peer Pressure”, on the board. Place the pictures of the kids standing up on the board. The kids can be the center of the board. To the sides place some kids who look like they are causing trouble and then in bubbles have the “bad” kids say “hey come and try this cigarette”, or some other negative behavior. Then place bubbles near the standing kids that say “no.”

Negative and positive peer pressure

Peer pressure is not all negative, there are positive influences too. A board that displays both sides of peer pressure will be very educational.  

Once again, put up a cheery and bright colored background paper on the board. Place the title in the center of the board. On one side put the words Positive Peer Pressure. On the other side put the words Negative  Peer Pressure. The border can be smiley faces on the positive half and frowns on the negative side of the board.

Above the words negative and positive place bubbles that say “Be your own person” or “Be a leader, not a follower.” 

On the board, place bubbles with information in them. On the positive side, the bubbles can say, “Positive peers are those who talk you into doing positive things.”

In several other bubbles individually say things like “Be responsible,” “Be inventive” or “Be thoughtful.” 

Do the same for the negative side except have one bubble that says: “Negative peers will ask you to do negative things.”

In individual bubbles say “Let’s steal this” or “Let’s do drugs.” Any negative thing a peer will talk another peer into fits here.

Peer pressure is a part of growing up. A school bulletin board will help children stay be aware of peer pressure and make choices between good and bad peer pressure.