Bulletin Board Ideas Pets

One fun idea for a bulletin board is a pet-related board.  There are different ways that you can do this, including the following methods.

Place pictures and descriptions of the different pets that people have

You can put in different photographs of the pets that people have, accompanied by descriptions of the pets.  You can cut these out from magazines, photocopy them from books or print them out from the Internet.  Some pets that you can include are dog, cat, bird and so forth.  You can also put more unusual pets such as horses and monkeys.  Another fun and educational idea is to put in pictures and descriptions of the different types of pets children have from around the world.  The children might enjoy seeing how different the pets are in unique countries.  You might be able to find some descriptions of children from other places talking about their pets.  If you want the kids to get more involved, then you can have them research the pets of a particular country either individually or in groups.  You can then make the bulletin board consist of their different projects.

Have the children bring in pictures of their pets and make a collage

One great way to get the children involved is to have the children bring in pictures of their own pets.   You can put them in neat rows or make a collage.  Alternatively, the children can draw pictures of their pets or a pet that they once had.  If you are worried that not everyone has or had a pet then you can have them draw a pet that they think they will have in the future.  They can place the name of their pets and a description of them.

Make a bulletin board exploring the history of pets

If it is a history class or if you just think it is an interesting subject, you can dedicate the board to the history of pets.  You can talk about the relationship between the animals and humans and how the animals came to be used as common pets. Again, this could be something that you do or something that the children do.

Series of bulletin boards

If you want to do a whole series of bulletin boards then you can have each one focus on a particular pet.  You can have a photograph of them, then information such as physical statistics (eight, height, etc) as well as other characteristics. 

A bulletin board focused on pets can be fun and attractive.  Consider the above ideas when creating such a board.