Bulletin Board Ideas Students Poems

Bring out your students’ creativity by working on a bulletin board together. You can put up many themes and subjects on your bulletin board, but this article will focus on creating a bulletin board that showcases your students’ poems. This is a fun activity that will encourage your students to use their imagination and creativity and channel it into something productive and wonderful. 

– First, have your students work on their poems. It does not matter what kind of poem your students write. The poems do not even have to rhyme. The purpose of this activity is to get your students interested in writing. They will become more willing to write if they can write what they want to write. For this activity, your students should have few guidelines with regards to their poems.

– Once you have all the poems, you can start working on the bulletin board. Put up a background in a soft color, then put up the title of the bulletin board. This can easily be done with cut-out letters from the dollar store or from an educational materials store. Now, you will have to decide how to put up the poems.

– If you would rather have “sections” of your bulletin board, then you might consider categorizing your students’ poems. For instance, if three people have chosen to write haikus, then you should have a haiku section on your bulletin board. Free verse poems might also be considered together, and placed in the same section. This way, your students can have an organized understanding of the bulletin board. 

– After you have put up the poems onto the bulletin board, you might consider having your students draw some pictures that represent their poems. Place these pictures underneath the sheets of poems. In other words, take one picture, slip it underneath its corresponding poem, and then use the thumb tack to attach both to the bulletin board. This way, anyone who looks at the bulletin board will be able to read the poem first, and then look at the picture. You can also reverse this: place the picture on top of its corresponding poem.

As you can see, creating a bulletin board with your students is fun and is a productive way to show off your students’ work. Get your students involved in creating their own teaching tools, and they will enjoy learning as a consequence.