Bulletin Board Ideas Technology

Today’s primary students are well acquainted with technology, but they may not know the meaning of the word or that it has been steadily evolving over the last several centuries.  This bulletin board will give them a deeper understanding of technology.

The Greek word “technologia” refers to the “study of art, skill and craft.”  As we study to improve the application of arts, skills and crafts, our understanding of them may produce new ideas and methods.  When that happens, new inventions may follow!  In this way, technology helps to advance and improve our lives at home, school, work and beyond.

While technology is often used in a general way, it can also be applied to specific areas: medical technology, construction technology, space technology, agricultural technology, and information technology, to name a few.  The bulletin board on technology will be divided into four sections to deal with the above-mentioned types.

Use one section of the board to showcase construction technology.  You can use pictures and bits of trivia that deal with the design and development of construction projects like these – bridges, dams, arches, high-rise buildings and more.  Include a few things that students really enjoy – roller coasters, football stadiums, water slides, etc.  All of these apply the use of construction technology.

Another section of the board focuses on information technology, which is what primary children will find most familiar.  Find photos (retro and current) of radios, public address systems, movies, television, computers, iPads, MP3’s, cell phones, recording devices, stereo systems, and other examples of information technology. 

A third section of the board deals with space technology, something many young students find intriguing.  In this section, highlight illustrations and photos (past and present) and information about rockets, space modules, astronaut food and gear, satellites, defying gravity, orbiting the moon, building the international space station and other space-related material.

In the fourth section, decide on either agricultural or medical technology.  For agricultural, you can focus on the combine, cotton gin (Eli Whitney), reaper (Cyrus McCormick), various kinds of tractors, harvesting techniques and more.  For medical technology, find illustrations and bits of trivia about X-rays, ultrasound procedures, laser surgery, robotic prostheses, electric wheelchairs, stethoscope, oxygen pumps, etc. 

An interesting way to divide the board before you begin: Lightly pencil in a large cross to guide some free-style writing.  Along the lines, write specific dates (and perhaps inventors) that correspond to the different technological inventions you will be displaying.  This gives students one more way to interact with the board.  Challenge them to match the different dates and inventors’ names to the illustrations on the bulletin board.  Near the board, include activities to reinforce the technology theme.  Consider using quizzes, puzzles, vocabulary games, mazes, craft ideas and extra-credit report topics.  

The technology bulletin board is an excellent way to reinforce the many ways mankind has used the knowledge of art, skills and crafts to improve our lives.  Challenge your students to brainstorm and come up with ideas of their own for future breakthroughs and inventions in technology!