Bulletin Board Ideas that Encourages Character

It is important to encourage character in children.  There are many bulletin boards that can accomplish this.  Consider the following ideas.

Show a character-building comic strip

A lot of children love to look at comic books.  One fun idea is to make the bulletin board one big comic strip.  The protagonist can be faced with situations where they can choose behaviors that show character or not.  For instance, they can see someone else unknowingly drop money, and you can show them picking it up and handing it back to the person.  You can show them saying their sorry if they do something wrong, helping someone, volunteering, sharing and doing other activities that show character.  You can draw out pictures or make them on the computer.  They do not have to be very artistic if you are not that skilled – it is the idea that counts. 

Write out different elements of character and illustrations of these

You can make the bulletin board be a list of different aspects of character such as honesty, kindness, and so forth.  If the children are young or just to accentuate it you can put in pictures of people showing these behaviors. 

Make it an interactive bulletin board that quizzes them on character

You can make the bulletin board interactive.  You can take different pieces of construction paper and tape it up at the top.  You can leave the sides and the bottom unattached so that it can lift up like a flap.  On the top of the paper you can write out a question about character, i.e. what would you do if your friends wanted you to help them steal something.  You can make it multiple choice or just the open ended question.  When they lift up the flap it should show the correct answer, which in this case would be to not steal. 

Show pictures of role models of people who have good character and why

A lot of children look up to various role models.  They may be famous sports stars, actors, political figures and so forth.  They could also be historical figures.  You can put up the pictures of these people and write down why they have good character such as if they give a lot to charity or do volunteer work. 

Make your bulletin board attractive with a brightly colored background and embellishments.  You can use wrapping paper, construction paper and art supplies like paints to make it attractive.  Use the above ideas when constructing your board.