Bulletin Board Ideas that Encourages Sharing

It is important for children to learn to share from a very young age.  There are many ways to accomplish this, and one idea is to make a bulletin board with this focus. The following are some ideas for such a board.

Write down ways to share

You can write out the different ways that one can share.  For instance, you can write about giving money to charity, letting a child play with your sand toys on the playground and letting your friend have a turn with your new birthday toy.

Show pictures of sharing

This is especially useful if the children are too young to read.  Even if they can read, many children are more drawn in to pictures anyways.  You can show different instances of people sharing.  For instance, you can show a child giving up a swing on the playground so that the next child could get his fair share. You can show someone breaking their cookie in two and giving half to another child.   

Get the children involved

The children may be more likely to pay attention to the bulletin board if they are involved in its creation. For instance, if the children are old enough you can have them write out instances of when they shared with someone else or when someone else shared with them.  They can write about what happened and how it made them feel.  You can then post these reports up there.  If they are too young to write, then they still might be able to make pictures of sharing.  You can even have the kids come up to the board to do a presentation on their report or artwork.

Make it interactive

A lot of children might enjoy a bulletin board that is interactive.  For instance, perhaps you could have a little quiz on sharing.  You can take a piece of paper and attach it to a part of the bulletin board so that it is only attached on the top and can lift up and down like a flap.  On the top piece of paper you can have a scenario and they need to decide what would be the best thing to do.  On the bottom could be the answer.  For instance, on the top you could write “When the piñata broke you got twenty pieces of candy but your little sister got none.  What is the best thing to do?”  They can then lift it up to reveal the answer “Share them with her.”

When you are making your bulletin board you might want to combine several of the above ideas.  For instance, you could have both pictures and descriptions of the different ways that the kids can share.  Use the above ideas to create your sharing themed board.