Bulletin Board Ideas Transportation Theme

Transportation is the lifeblood of modern civilization. Without transportation many common items wouldn’t be available, or at least not at the prices we have come to expect! Vacations would be very localized and businesses much more limited. Yet most people take transportation for granted. How can one get across the importance of transportation to children and eventually to adults? How about the bulletin board!

There are several transportation themes that can be developed or used on a bulletin board depending on what the teacher wants to emphasize. To show how civilization relied on Transportation, make a map of all the major trading routes. Almost all are based upon the ease of transporting goods and people.

Let’s start with the history of transportation and use different examples from around the world. Put up people carrying things, that was the first means of transporting goods, the human back. Then came beasts of burden, not just horses, but oxen, donkeys and even goat carts from the time of the Vikings. Stretch into canoes, move to sailing vessels and then through steam ships and onto freighters! The board could start with primitive at the top and then expand across the board and up to show how things progressed and grew!

Along the same lines one could get photographs of different types of transportation and place them on the board. Place a sheet of paper under each one and ask the children to write what they think it would transport! There could be backpacks, horses, golf carts and even the Space Shuttle; all transport different things. This would be more interactive and get the children involved.

Then there is that theme mentioned previouly of the importance of transportation on the price of items. Put up several things and ask the students what all had to be transported to make them and the distance required. A chocolate bar is made with Cacoa Beans from Brazil, Sugar from Costa Rica and Milk from the US and involves transportation over thousands of miles. These things weren’t available even a hundred years ago due to transportation problems.

A Bar chart is simple and easy to put on the board, show the different times for transportation and how it has changed. Marco Polo took years to travel to the Far East, now it is accomplished in just a few days, and the distance is twice as far.

Transportation, an easy theme with lots of options! Try several.