Bulletin Board Ideas Vegetables

It is important to teach children about the important of vegetables. One great way to impart this lesson is through the use of a bulletin board. How exactly you do this will depend on the age of the children, but you can consider the following ideas.

Place in pictures of the different vegetables

Many very young children may be confused by what foods are vegetables. You can help to show them this with a bulletin board. You can post up photographs of the different types of vegetables with their names under them. In addition to showing the raw vegetables you can also show pictures of dishes in which they commonly appear. Try to find ones that the children may commonly see.

Benefits of vegetables bulletin board

Many children do not realize how powerful vegetables are. There are many different ways that they can help a person. You can list the different advantages. You can do this in general or list some of the popular vegetables and the individual benefits of each.

Get the children involved

You want the children to start to think about eating more vegetables. Many kids get very little today. You can have the children draw pictures of the vegetables that they like to eat. If they are old enough to write, then you can also have them write a report on a particular vegetable. You can have them discuss the ways in which they are prepared at their home. You can post all of these on the board. The children can even come up and talk about it, and some kids may be motivated to eat more vegetables if they hear their friends talking about it and see pictures that depict them.

Add embellishments

You want the bulletin board to stand out. You can add different embellishments in order to do this. For instance, you can get some fake food that is of vegetables and post that so that the bulletin board literally stands out. You can also use glitter and colorful paper to make it stand out. You can have the children use construction paper to cut out the shapes of popular vegetables such as corn and broccoli and use this as the border for your board.

It is very important for children to understand that vegetables are a necessary part of their diets. The above ideas can help you formulate a bulletin board to discuss this.