Bulletin Boards for National Parkes

National Parks are found in countries all around the world, but no where in the abundance of the United States of America. Every state has a national park and many have several with National Monuments in them. The only reason this is important is that if there are too many National Parks, it becomes difficult to try and set a bulletin board to feature them. Any that get left out will be someone’s favorite!

But that may be the way to decide on the bulletin board for National Parks, ask each member of the class to write about any National Parks that they have visited and to bring in pictures. They may need to draw the pictures or get them off the Internet, but that is okay. You are looking for material to make a bulletin board.

Now put up a map of the country and identify as many of the national parks as possible. For those in the United States, the U.S. Park Service has a website that will help. You can actually go into each state for park listings and location. Other websites include The US Parks Travel Guide and Passport to America’s Parks. These not only help you locate the parks, but can also provide some spectacular photographs.

The Board is made, but are there ways it can be more effective? Is there a way to make the board interactive and get the students interested in and involved with this bulletin board on National Parks?

Don’t name the parks or items in them, let the students guess and look them up. Make it become a game or a contest to see who can recognize the most. Encourage the game with small prizes such as stamps, stars or even extra credit for tests. In the United States the students may recognize Mt. Rushmore, but will they know Yosemite or Glacier National Parks? If they have the states (and only give state shapes) they can look things up and discover the wonders of the National Parks as a result of the bulletin board. The hunt and chase makes it more thrilling for most classes.

This idea will work with any school that is in a country with several national parks. It is simple, easy to set up, can get the whole class involved, and be fun as well as educational. Maybe more national parks need to be established in other countries!