Bulletin Boards Ideas for August

August is a confusing and difficult month. Is it the end of summer or the beginning of fall? School is starting back, but won’t really get going until September and, while there are some sports, not many as teams wind down or start up. All this makes it difficult to design a bulletin board to get the school season off to a good start. What is a teacher to do?

Start with a drawing of a person standing thinking, with an empty verbal balloon over his head and a question mark. This is what greets the children on their first day. Tell the class that you couldn’t decide what to put up and ask them for ideas. Get them to create pictures of what they like most about August. Is it the last vacation before school starts? Maybe it is school starting, with a chance to see all their classmates that they didn’t see over the summer or a chance to make new friends at school. The results may be surprising.

The other way is rather negative, to have the children draw pictures of what they don’t like about August! Is it too dry or maybe too hot. Florida students may not like the fact that it is the middle of hurricane season (or that may be why they do like it as hurricanes can be very exciting)! It may be going to school and being afraid of the bully or a dog along the way. A teacher can learn a lot by asking a child to write about that they don’t like about a month, as well as fill up a bulletin board.

While August is not known for many holidays, many places will have festivals just for that reason, to break up the monotony of the month. Look up those events and then try to find photos and post them on your board. A little Island in the Caribbean, Nevis, has “Culturama” but what is it for? Doing abstract or obscure festivals will teach geography and stimulate curiosity, both of which are important for students!

Another August Bulletin board is to research and look for important events that occured in August. Things such as the fact that while Columbus discovered America on October 12, he set sail on August 2nd! Put sailing boats on the board and sail through the history of the month of August, it was named for Augustus Caesar!

August, a slow boring month? Maybe, or maybe not. Get the bulletin board ready!