Challenges Faced by Students in Completing Homework Assignments

One of the biggest challenges that children face in completing homework assignments is finding the motivation to complete them. The fact of the matter is that in most cases there really is no given motivation or reward in front of them urging them to complete their homework with determination and accuracy.
Unlike high school, in elementary school college is still a long ways off and therefore not a good motivation to do well in school. Most grade school students see no reason to make their school work a major priority. They view their choices as what’s going to give them the greatest benefit the soonest. In this case playing video games or watching television is going to give them immediate satisfaction where doing the homework will not.
The one thing that both teachers and parents can do is to give the children exactly what they’re looking for, immediate satisfaction. There are many different ways to approach this.
The approach that many teachers will use is the “gold star” approach. Now this is not to say that you have to have a chart hanging up on your wall and that you have to use gold stars. But this technique has definitely proved to be successful.If a student is able to see his or her progress posted on the wall for everyone to see, they will not want to fall behind. It is human nature to want to look successful in front of your peers.
As far the parents input is concerned, it is important for them to do the same thing. It is important for them to offer some sort of motivation at home for doing the homework. Some examples of this would be to say that however much time is spent doing homework or reading is how much time they are allotted for some other activity they would rather be doing.
If both parents and teachers could be successful in providing the motivation for the children to want to do homework, the amount of homework being completed with determination and accuracy will be greatly increased. Another positive effect of this given motivation is that without realization these children will be developing homework habits that will stick with them and prove to be helpful once they do get to high school and or college.