Challenges Faced by Students in Completing Homework Assignments

Many factors can toggle challenges for students in completing their homework assignments. However, it seems the most common challenge for students is overly populated classrooms and a lack of attention given to a child’s individuality. Children all learn differently but are generally taught in one fashion. Rushed!

Let’s take junior high school students in the public school system for example. The fashion of teaching used will consist of whatever a teachers preferred method is, crammed into forty to fifty minutes a day. Multiply that by seven classrooms, each filled to capacity with thirty-something students (half of which have difficulty with the teaching method being used)and it equals a whirlwind of information, little of which gets retained even by the best students in class.

Before they know it, the bell has rung and it’s time to rush off to their next class. Now being hurried, the student has been left in a state of stupor as there was little or no time for their questions to be asked or answered. Little or no work gets done in the classroom and at the end of each seven hour school day, students are left with a mound of homework. Catastrophically, many of these students will struggle to complete the homework due to the lack in understanding of the assignment.

I make every attempt to help my son with his mounds of homework, which at times even I find challenging. Especially math. Sure, some schools offer the option for students to go in early and ask their teachers for help. This option though can prove to be challenging in itself though, for students who take the bus or for those who’ve already deemed themselves incompetent due to their lack of understanding. As a side note, my son’s school does not offer this option. In fact their doors remain locked until ten minutes prior to first period.

These challenges are really the symptoms that lead to the diagnosis for procrastination, frustration, and in effect a complete lack of interest on the part of many students. A student procrastinates because he/she doesn’t fully understand. A student is frustrated because he/she tries hard to understand the work but just isn’t getting it. A student has a complete lack of interest because they don’t understand, haven’t succeeded in being able to understand, and sadly they no longer want to try.

In affect, large classrooms and student cloning are eating at students’ desires and motivation to learn. Far too many students are being left in the dust of “hurry up and learn.” No child left behind? Yeah right.