Children Behave in Class

Teachers have a lot of knowledge to transfer to their students.  However, if the student is not listening or hindering other people from listening, then you will have a tough time trying to teach and give the class knowledge.  A teacher must make young children behave in class so their teaching can be more effective.  This article will give some ideas on how to make them behave.

1.  Use visual aids!  Many teachers get angry with their students because they are misbehaving, but in actuality, its the teacher who should be blamed because their class is so dull and boring.  One of the reasons why kids misbehave is because they are not learning anything.  It is part the responsibility of the teacher to keep the children on the same page with them and visual aids are great tools to help achieve this.  Using colors and eye grabbing visual aids will help the class to focus their attention more on you and not each other.

2.  Have assigned seats in the classroom!  Obviously, the way you assign seats will depend on who your potential troublemakers are and who likes to talk to who and then separate them accordingly.  Most classes have assigned seats, but what happens is the students learn to communicate with the new person sitting beside them.  The best way to handle this is to change seating every month and if you find a seating arrangement that works, then keep that the same.

3.  Offer some rewards for paying attention.  Have some kind of quiet seat prize for the child that is paying the most attention and then award them at the end of class in front of everyone else.  This doesn’t necessarily have to be used in every class, but positive motivation versus threatening them to go to the principal’s office is much better and this way, you don’t come across as abusing your authority.  The last resort should always be discipline, and this is only after all else fails.  A teacher needs to learn to control their class with positive reinforcements!

The responsibility of the teacher is to teach the children in an orderly fashion.  If that cannot be done, then it is the job of the teacher to make that possible.  The above mentioned points should help in that matter.