Childrens Reading Activities for non Fiction Books

Kids sometimes think that non-fiction books are boring. However, they can be very interesting and entertaining.  There are a lot of reading activities available for non-fiction books. First, determine the age group that will be reading the book. Then pick a book that fits that age group.

The book George Washington by Cheryl Harness is an excellent book for eight-year-old kids to read.  History, art, and literature skills can be learned by reading this book.


Define words

Write story

Illustrate story

Items Needed:

Lined paper

Computer paper

Colored pencils or crayons


Give the children a list of six key words from the book. Have them look the words up in a dictionary and write a short definition of the words.

Next have the children write a short story about what they would do if they were President using some of the new words they have learned if possible.

Last, have them illustrate their book.

Children learn about the first President of the United States, they learn some new words and their definitions and they get to have fun and use their literary skills when writing their shot stories. The illustrations let their imagination and creativity soar.

Non-fiction books do not always have to be about political people. There are many people who have had an impact on the world and were not politicians. Walt Disney accomplished many amazing things even though there were times when he decided to build his famous Disneyland. He was told he would never succeed.  The book Disneyland Memories of a Lifetime tells the story of Walt and his dream.


Create a new Disneyland ride

Learn what the park makes in ticket sales


Lined paper

Computer paper

Colored pencils


Have the kids draw a theme park ride using their imaginations. The ride needs to be created on the principle that the whole family will enjoy it together. Have the kids color their ride for fun.

Once the ride is finished, it is time to figure out how much it costs for admission to the park today vs what it cost in 1955 when admission was only $1.00

Write on a piece of paper: cost in 1955 $1.00 per ticket x 100 visitors = $100.00

Next find out what the cost is of admission today, at this moment it costs $80.00 in 2011

Write under other equation: cost in 2011 is $80.00 per ticket x 100 visitors =$8,000.00

Then have the children figure the difference: $8,000.00-$100.00=$7,900.00. The park makes $7900.00 more in 2011 than it did in 1955.

These activities are fun for kids, they also learn to use their imagination and get in some math practice.

Non-fiction books are fun and informative. There are a lot of fun reading activities for non-fiction books.