Civil War Project Ideas for Elementary Students

For elementary students you would want to do something really simple. Whether its a craft, a story, or even baking make sure you keep it simple, and you keep it fun. The main thing to remember when doing a project with elementary students is to make it fun and to make it about learning. Just remember so long as they are having fun then they are going to learn something at the same time. 

1) One thing you could do is find a picture of a Civil War soldier and have them write a short story about what they think that soldier would be doing. 

2) Depending on the gender of the child, have them either write a letter to a family member.

Example: If a girl, have her write her father or brother who is fighting in the war, asking about the war, and letting them know how everyone at home is doing. If a boy have him write his mother or sister who is back home talking about the war, and what he’s doing. An example for a girl “Dear Poppa, I hope you are doing well. We really miss you here at home, but I promise everything is fine. I’m helping Momma around the house like you asked me to do. How are you doing? We hear rumors of the war every day, but its nothing like reading your letters and the stories you write to us about. With love your daughter”

3) Have them build a small replica of one of the battles of the Civil War with little toy soldiers. 

4) Pretend to write a journal entry of what is going on from where they are in the War.

So something like “Dear Journal, I just received a letter from Poppa today. He says he and the other soldiers with him are doing good. That food is low, and the clothes are not all that great. But everyone getting letters is helping them to stay motivated. Here at home i’m helping Momma take care of the house. We do dishes together and clean the house. We cook enough food for ourselves and our neighbors because they are low on food.”

5) Bake something that would be eaten during the Civil War. For instance try to find the recipes of cakes, or biscuits that people would have eaten during that time.