Classroom Activities for Snow White and the seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs makes a good story for classroom activities. The story has themes on love and hatred, helping strangers, accepting who you are, friendship and witchcraft. There is a lot to teach in terms of subject content ranging from Art and Craft to English Expression. Classroom activities can run for a few days in a row based on the themes in the story and in any lesson.

Art and Craft:

# Designing clothes for the seven dwarfs based on descriptions supplied. For younger children, give outlines of seven dwarfs for them to draw in their designs. Designing costumes to contrast Snow White and the Wicked Queen, or to simulate the transformation of the Queen into an ugly witch. The aim of these activities is to help children to sharpen their observation skills.

# Coloring pictures of the Prince and Snow White in the chronological order of the story such as the kiss of life or as a royal couple. This activity helps to reinforce the highlights of the story to students who are artistically inclined or are visual learners.

Literature Appreciation:

# Hold class or groupdiscussions to identify the themes in the story. The children quote relevant parts of the story to support the themes. Explain how themes can help them comprehend and appreciate a story in greater depths.

# Have the children watch parts of the twisted tale Snow White and the Huntsman. Discuss what twisted fairy tales are. Compare how the two versions of the story differs. Discuss how twisted fairy tales can show up a different main character or another angle to the story.

Number stories:

# If you are teaching nursery or kindergarten children, have the children count how many dwarfs there are, the number of plates, beds, cups and picks they would have to reinforce the meaning of the number ‘seven’. They can also draw or count the number of objects in the story, such as how many dwarfs there are, how many apples and how many wicked queens.

Pastoral Care / Civic and Moral Education:

# Identifying emotions. Help children recall the names of the seven dwarfs. Get them to draw or identify their facial expressions. Help them understand scenarios or situations that can lead to these emotions in themselves. Have children identify situations that lead them to experience these emotions.

# Compare and contrast the characters of the story. Help the children to provide reasons for their characteristics. Character studies such as these can help children acquire skills of reasoning and identifying causes and effects in real life. They also help the children to understand the make up of a person.

There are many more lessons to draw from the story Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. You can use the activities as they are or tweak them to suit the level and ability of the children you teach.